Flying (dedicated to our mentor Danilo Perez). Composed by Chase Morrin. Performed by Chase Morrin (piano), Naseem Alatrash (cello), George Lernis (percussion).

"An Elegant Ritual" EPK featuring the Mehmet Ali Sanlikol Trio: James Dale - bass, George Lernis - drum-set and gongs, Mehmet Ali Sanlikol - piano. 

With eleven musicians and a storyteller, Othello in the Seraglio is scaled to the intimate, informal setting of a coffeehouse in seventeenth century Istanbul (Constantinople).

Mehmet Ali Sanlikol @Whatsnext? Resolution. Featuring: Dave Liebman, Anat Cohen, Antonio Sanchez, Tiger Okoshi

Mehmet Ali Sanlikol @Whatsnext? The Rise Up. Featuring: Dave Liebman