Between Two Worlds III - Arrival by George Lernis featuring John Patitucci on electric bass. 

Prayer by George Lernis, is an original composition inspired by the ongoing xenophobic beliefs and racism against immigrants based on their origins, religions and skin color. Featuring: Voice - Burcu Gulec Piano - Chase Morrin (BGJI Assistant professor) Bass - Bruno Raberg (BGJI Professor) Percussion - George Lernis Videography - Christos Tsiaras Mixing and Mastering - George Lernis Recorded in December, 2020

Parallel Universes Composed & arranged by George Lernis Recorded and mixed by Mac Ritchey Video recorded and edited by Christos Tsiaras

Turnaround (Ornette Coleman 1959) - performed by: Chase Morrin - piano, Vasillis Kostas - laouto, Naseem Alatrash - Cello and George Lernis - percussion